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Newspaper Advert (Spec Ad)

Appleberry Farms

The Client: Appleberry Frams Farms is a leading producer of frozen organic products.

They have a new product on the market: Simply Healthy Steamed Veggies. A bag of frozen vegetables that customers can either microwave or boil.

The bag turns from white to green when the vegetables are steamed to perfection.

The Audience: Mothers, ages 25–45 whose children are school age (kindergarten through 12 grade). Expressed wants: feed their children healthy food and try to fit vegetables into every meal.

The Challenge: A newspaper advert to introduce the new product. They want customers to cut out the coupon in the ad and use it to purchase the bag of frozen vegetables.

The solution: I concentrated on the needs and wants of the audience to highlight the benefits that matter most to them.

First, I emphasised the deep benefit in the headline in a way that would entice the reader to engage with the rest of the ad.

Next, I carried on with another benefit in the subtitle to address the audience’s fears “Being trapped in front of the stove to have vegetables cooked to perfection”.

I used the body copy to showcase features the audience needs, to support the benefits.

Then, I used bullet points to reiterate the deep benefits at the bottom of the ad.

The direct Call to Action encourages immediate purchase of the bag of frozen vegetables. Finally, the empathetic, friendly, sincere, and promotional copy is conveyed throughout the entire advert.

Design by Tony Chevalier





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